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BIG YELL おいしさとやすらぎを

00夢は何度も生まれ変わる+フライングゲット=Darkness→唇にBe My Baby↔︎「吐星」∞「Mirror of double focus on the better buck in depth」8『Nonsugar unlucky set off free end you&me HURRY GO ROUND(‾💐‾)💏』〒 KISS MATE十「Rub to lip glittering at live in pocket」∽「Release to raging heartache is drawn up to heaven for her」
011番のブレスレッツ〒強がり時計+ハート型Venus=ハートがカセットをひいた夜→愛するフォーチュンクッキー↔︎「EXIT CLOUD」∞『FEATHER SIT Memento-Mori』8「ZOJIRUSHI magician proof forth spring foot touch the ground winter change jail jaw say to door post uno chant honey to day ago straight buddy’s trip coffee scratch for us the can be peace」十「久しぶりのキスで息が詰まりそうな白い息が弾むテラスで待ち合わせなのは春の訪れ」∽「Snowed under with fragments of memory gathered remind me of spring to blooming days for keep in touch the my value」

2僕らのユリイカ+思い出せない花=アイドルの夜明け→アイドルはウカンムリニヤニヤの件↔︎「BUDDY’s OUTLET」∞「HOUR OF KINGDOM TOUR FOR NIGHT ROSE」8「Heart beat with flush on my face in cold night」〒「Redden on my white base at mouth by honorable hall in gathered pink spot」十「Close my eyes to concentrate conscious of body is ONEPIECE in cosmo 」
3この涙を君に捧ぐ+嘆きのバラドル=GAMYON→夜風の仕業↔︎「ALLOW SHELL CREVICE」∞「Welcome to my homeland ”PEARL HARBOR”」8わんさかsing a laugh hall〒What laugh to a people?十「Make me seed for roseate heart washer」
4目撃者+夕陽を見ているか?=舞姫洋太陽→終わらないアンコール↔︎Light the way∞南無妙南無妙南無妙8「リターンエース」〒「合わせ鏡の愛の四方固め」十「Eternal live in the hall for echo」
5MIN.MIN.MIN+履物と傘の物語=Glory days→松井ッす岩根!↔︎強情なSlave∞シンデレラは騙されない8「Hurdle of click with you in my thought」〒「Dazzling dream to conversation〜Ignore the dark side of mine by knigts about love rage for vesper to talk in my sleep」十「Love rage for break heart of fragment gathered ONEPIECE in talent treasury」
6引っ越しました+首領とlook back!=ヒロヒロの華→Through the night↔︎Must be now∞365日の紙飛行機8「Crack my brain spurred on awaken our potential」〒「Wisdam heat together us to reminesce about knigts buddy」十「Agony is sustenance of growth about efflorescence in strive with company(SPIRIT)」
7アリガトウ+夢を死なせるわけにいかない=虹の列車→この世界が雪の中に埋もれる前に↔︎君はメロディー∞君はベガざす8「Spread a quilt over my buddy became back to back turn me on the better knocking boots」〒「START RAIN by far look at close to being devoted to hangout」十「Chanting title is call my people’s hope in there ruminate live of origin」
8ハート・エレキ+ぐるぐるパワ=次のSeason→「ビヨンド・ザ・シャンプーロード」↔︎「空想の総会セーフ」∞「めぐみの界面活性剤」8「Rock me about you💋」〒「Oasis isn’t dry what deprived down the heartache heal〜weep at listen to the ”requited love finally”  in hospital」十「Before named for baby tear up to bound for live to arrive」
9約束よ+右肩=僕たちは戦わない→中西治を読んだか?↔︎「T&T」∞「灰色の英知」8「両表のタオル投入」〒「Frieden delivrer」十「降参した天使たちの熟慮」
11向日葵+ハートのベクトル=走れ!キンベン→前のめり↔︎「微笑みの階乗」∞「Steam」8「Cinder of calories choked me」〒「LOVE HOTEL」十「Fire bird dance to wither」
12脚+長へ=Give me fourm!→Halloweeknight↔︎「あいこのばあさん」∞「引き分けノガレゴエ」8「花咲かすのりたま仰天手編降臨月足許絶妙」〒「Inside fight human power rings hot coffee satisfied naked venus light on fires now」十「Followers is covered with flames to tricksters on enjoyment」
13転がる石になれ+見えない空はいつでも青い=Honey come?→「ハピネス連絡」↔︎「Come to comet when Saint.Nichiren executed」∞「Mr.Trump cool&hot Japan because JQK@Common!」8「Hang in a fit of broken heart by the graduate」〒「I see red before be in white terror into the bleeding heart is pinky」十「The show from the windows to guest with many client in prayer hall for snowed under with screw up」
14キンモクセイ+Jane Doe=大声ダイヤモンド→「復活の報告」↔︎「Beat black how to beyond the turned over voice generate」∞「Girls’ Generation〜Cheers arose on stage printing where appearing the words of ”Etiquette item” with Yuria Kizaki(connect)」8「Captain looking for ONEPIECE about lost in town when the cat’s away,the mice will play」〒「おはこんちくワルサーP38(ひゃくはち)」十「Main to cast an all star in SHOWROOM」
15鈴懸の木の道で「君の微笑みを夢に見る」と言ってしまったら僕たちの関係はどう変わってしまうのか、僕なりに何日か考えた上でのやや気恥ずかしい結論のようなもの+君のことが好きだから=「温故知新」→「Ladder of opposite」↔︎「Buddy setter to synchronise the breathing with the opponent prior to the start of a match」∞「がっしょう」8「Covering back to back with look forward to game」〒「Prey on follower in city hunt with cleared」十「Declined head of the lead for bodhisattva look up with clear」
16色の夢クレヨン+HA!捨てんと和捨てん=長い光→おトムジェリービーンズ↔︎「スノープリンセスは撫子」∞「あたたかい抜いテクノロジー」8「マリアの産休手当」〒「Black mark into the red of point at the money into the blue of white base」十「Dazzling dream into the behind my eyes」
17夢の河童+Beggearthyounum=Stargather→「Spread a lightning curtain」↔︎「Spread a lightning gossamer」∞「Operation for hide」8「ever free」⇄「Angel coefficient」⇆Somewhere until the following out of the clear blue sky?〒「Our live involved expense with posibility for train to wisdom」十「Bane to revive on head is over heat because go forward to side by side for reconciliation at all called member in faith〜for example to masquerader of spaceship contested in universe」
18愛しきアカーリャ+やさしくするりょスキにして=ここで一発→ロックだよ、人生は…↔︎Shake a like sea calm∞「ラブ例示」8「正子かかるまでdig in a pocket for my tool learned to we can」〒「Time is money to night at banquet about princess is castle of ryugu at the love rage for vesper with hangout」十「The show from the window at heaven down the afloat」
1994年の雷鳴+純情U-19=青春のスクラムタイム→「Live on Women’s March of roar the voice from Evangelion」↔︎「Hear the electronic sounds of voice of cicada that live on alien’s technology」∞「Embracing lose turn me on〜start of 2nd chapter that new relationship build」8「Followers to inversion for Gold dream」〒「Finalist for upstream to the deep sorrow on air」十奇跡は間に合わせる
20マンス・プライバシー+Green Flash=「ひなんやろなぁ」→「裏返した日常を洗濯しようよ」↔︎「アッチアチの心にとかされて」∞「なんてこったボクシングのテープ」8「A man’s man of superb song for request awarded」〒「Everybody peach on perched to base mate of bride for mah-jongg in pleasure」十僕は知っている
21希望山脈+「Light on the FIRE FIGHTERS defend eliminate meeting dream advantage often told a chunk out of my flatten」=『March Toward The 21st Century』→「Put on the write a cloth is ”rehabilitation”」↔︎「My room’s cross light is clear whereunder the time to pray with they are」∞「Extend title match dear single eyed」8「FUJI NMB SEALS」〒「Caught the chuckle to back drop on bed〜secret base」十「Dead drop in draw at casting the heroine」
22numBird+「げんきんおにぎり」=「家内安全、一家和楽、子孫繁栄」→「アーリー・ブロックのアセチルコリン」↔︎「朱雀中シャア三ししまい」∞「Blooming little monster produced popular model」8「Cross the nervous buddy control for save the live to relay in TWIN21&1knights」〒「SKE be remember at thousand Q&A gather in HKT represent by OSAKA exposition from TOKYO meet」十「Te amo chuisle on mandala baby at embody in everything」
23アンポンタンのミシン+純血フィロソフィー=「同窓生リボン」→「Black canvas in a Blue conscious」↔︎「Strip the clothes but have a clear」∞「I have a dream」8「Sweet you violet to saint an interplait of fraternal fry bud of blurt love in ages」〒「World scale of japanese people voluminous for heights to take out anchor」十「Peace of mind for qq&auto AKB」
24風は吹いている+美しい稲妻=安寧の林檎→「クッキーのかいとう手術でるふしえるメンバー」→「輸血西進 太陽に合従する土曜日のカリスマ」∞「Take the one step of route from the route love」8「Hallelujah baby in fry about body at nutrient」〒「One daybreak at kneeache about run for stargather to be touched by ya sashes」十「Gain a lead on heartache」
25森へ行こう+君と虹と太陽と=重力シンパシー→「Rings of corner」↔︎「Sacrifice hit」∞「River blow resolve account of sake name all call members hope to answer kind to match in glory of step」8「いざようケーキいーとよ」〒「女性のセイキで罪滅ぼし」十「Possessed bearing on ordinary at room mate」
26ごめんね、SUMMER+「All FOUR YO」=「Homer nods to amount」→「Don’t go as planned to life」↔︎「Don’t trapped in the past,think the future」∞「Binary relationship」8「U&ME KITA saunter to take rellettes rioja with bind for disorder head in son’s justice of space at smile」〒「Followers jammed in base at profit to be moisten」十「Gods in land for give to present of relaxation hours on clear base in X’mas」
27So long!+「ガッツの源」=「ミトコンドリアの天下統一」→「サイゼリヤのミウラノ風ドリアン」↔︎「テストの中の稲をへんしょクッキーするヘモグロビン」∞「京橋のダイエー図書館トムトム」8「Our terminal on washed up body at LINE sending wake nike」〒「Twiddle on birthday at seven colors TL」十「Twine at clear blue star on the ceiling in black my room」
28思い出す度に近くなる+マドンナの円卓=「トリプルアクセルの窓口で待つアテナの体操」→「クラウチング・ストレート・バトンタッチ」↔︎「Vespertine soka」∞「Lucifer’s ”K”」8「Santa Claus sow seeds in pouched by single bed」〒「Represent by birthplace with provide at next live」十「What a navy moor you to set the future ages at mic!」
029〒肩重ひの開拓線+「にんにくのヲタク」=空腹で恋愛をするな→「マッスルスーツにキックバック」↔︎「歩くマクロファージ」∞「アマガエルシルバア」8「ほくと奥義アンマン!」十「Mapo eggplant curry for MAO〜Santa Claus coming out the superb song for reached in depth to transferred bed in KO-K-UHA-Q」
30ギンガムチェック+ピェロピェロピェロオ=青学の魔法使いとプロボクサー→「Crane upper field of obligation back home」↔︎「No matter what suffer defeat back on my feet again」∞「Remarkable out of the earth for universal」8「Our wish is heard to rumination on ceiling to mignon」〒「Love letter from Athena has flightless wings in SAY YAH YAH YAH」十I take out a you for globe out there
31僕の太陽+翌日の女神↗︎=「しふくダンス」→ボーリング願望↔︎誘惑のガーター∞「Choosing Developer」8「Wild pitch about BIGBANG heart catch the universal people for ”SHOOT SIGN”&”#You are my Mr.Right”」〒「Good breath for you at sealed out heaven’s door to Mrs.Left」十「Sailed into flamboyant in saq☆cafe at Facebook」
32純情主義+「都合のイースト」=「はーちゃんのチャーハン」→「ウエストのルーズベルト」↔︎「Hyper rescue follow me」∞「天神タイトーステーション」8#好きだっちゃ〒「Sit with embarrasing to stand for bear in HOKUTO」十「Blooming twice at base〜save the game」
33味蕾永遠+「めぐみの天ぷら」=「ときめきメモリアル」→「Hold on tight to sweatheart is taste fit for adults」↔︎「Buttocks shape is heart type」∞「Bible of Nichiren shake to coincident with my soul vibrate」8「Stomach possessed nutrient for Ciconia Boyciana」〒「まましゃーせ!」十「Honey in pouched on arm pillow with body feel the chest for beatitude about mom」
34スキ!スキ!スキップ!+「妻はハーマイオニー」=「キムチチャーハン食べたいなぁ」→「Cheers arose on table opposite leader」↔︎「Husking bee with you」∞「Be trample home ground to walking conquar the Jerusalem」8Collect a matured prayer〒Into black〜have a dream come true in agony十「Best hit of entry for family computer play planning AI」
35初恋の行方と開始の合図+「グリーンボーイとプレイボーイ」=「スマイレージの歓喜感謝沸騰枠」→「Cross to pointXY flatten」∞「Earthquake for O’religion」8「I city love route run women they june men(‾∀‾)💋🌻」〒「Trip on son’s painting of the future〜stuffed up apple invite us to the amazement」十「Loads of people getting on elevator to scream out alerm〜guidance of fallen angels」
36To be continued.+「Choke with night」=「Newspaper SEIKYO in my post」→「My iPhone battery charged pink cable ”AXING”」↔︎「Printer of Canon set table aloft the elephant printed empty pink mug」∞「”A” printed bottle cap wear CocaCola zero on the ragged out pants under the table」8「Money hand sign is become a buddha for ask a keep don’t worry,OK?😄👌🏻」〒「He saids ”I am left to go ahead”」十How where to be continued in blue?〜ask a feel agony in universal for us to pray at rising face after tear∽『ハルジオンの咲く頃』
37眼差しサヨナラ+翼はいらない=Everyday、カチューシャ→「Love I call give a charge of is electricity smile cool son daughter eye pop on gear honeymoon key day roof lawer jaw guts honey come」↔︎「Cow thin roof」∞「Faith in everybody for invisible followers to you」8「So sage to get more blessing than one deserves in by my side」〒「Hair whorl about chakra」十「Shooting the venus under the brown reed screen on room wall dressing」
38僕の打ち明け花火+「オリオンの相談」=「ピエトロカレーの福神漬け」→「The lasts me tight chuck out children sow chant city knight air egg gong you」↔︎「Squeal police yes call」∞「Squall policy I’s call」8「Eros yes I’m complained heartache」〒「Waiting for sweetheart kiss is BIG BANG of humanity」十『Virtual Insanity』
39主あるきその声明+Oh My Boots〜like a converse black 27.0=「Sun heights」→「Begun to hope overflow to see the imitate stars of spaceship from social window」↔︎「Open up ”22market”」∞「This world is manufactured with love〜I say to seen the windows in saq☆cafe」8『Pink spider』〒Get you!〜caramel for buddy in SNS十「Drafting a mine of human resource for us the future」
40AKBフェスティバル+「『ハレとケ』の相互作用」=「儀式の日常化」→「Goods meal generate passion after digest〜flourish to gather matured woman」↔︎「Tattle on mapo eggplant curry in SNS〜pink spider for her child laughing in mundane about ”#好きなんだ”」∞『微笑みの爆弾』8「Strike movie side by popcorn」〒「テンアゲ!めっけもの!なんばしょっと~(*つ▽`)っ)))」十「Top lead of straight man puzzling to other side~look for ONEPIECE about ga(n)g」
41ろい′†よい+ハイテンション=「Strain」→「Heavy hearts」↔︎「Hearts’ Ace〜cumulative fatigue heart feel dizzy」∞「Heart beat angel line〜loveletter impact turn me on」8「Star gathering of one night for SDN~my kneeache reason staring by Rino Sashihara」〒「僕たちは、あの日の夜明けを知っている」十「Double glisten that our first met for strange at smile after tear about relegation~I lived in AKATHUKI when I was university student before gone TOKYO」∽『Realize to bump of pikoreamo for HALZEON Chase the Light!』
42微笑みのポップコーン+「ホシを追う者たち」=「夢追い人」→「Monsters gathering〜22market items collection in daydream」↔︎「Grow up with Revolutionist〜Like a 22market customers」∞「Matured Woman’s Evangelion〜Your life paint color of the night in your dream for ”Revolution Hill”」8「Total lunar(runner?) eclipse〜behind the earth in universal about blood for ”Stand by moon of tea for milk in”」〒「Good breath for sleep coming home,urge of live it up in park for number at lost in town about far look by out there~look for company in black」十『STAY GOLD〜save the money about lose yourself』
43賛成カワイイ+「Making joe sure dear curry」=「Matured woman put on the light togather our rights」→「Challenge the rewrite a love letter」↔︎「Pass the protest」∞「Amazing Toward to KYOTO」8「Mirror of paradox~left and right crossing because stay home at turn on,leave home at turn off」〒「Lit the houses about ground of star~matured woman rights turn on」十「やみとも~heartache for understand each other finding lights&rights together」
44Bガーデン+Blue rose=ハートの脱出刑務=「ニョーボリコルトヒップスター☆ミコト」→「Table cross de counter’s lip=3」↔︎「Trip on concentric circle」∞「Lucifer’s hide」8「Lost for words after we’ve shown at anemic~expects to meet at inmost」〒「Excavate hightone voice」十『胸郭出口症候群』
45北川謙二+心のフラットカート=『はじめての臨床 運動器疾患』→「オイル美容で肌の炎症を鎮静化」↔︎「薄暮レースの新人フォローアップ研修」∞「4回戦ボーイたちの12R」8「I have a dream is clear~I live in daydream when sleeping pills are effective but awaked at take a bath」〒「Everybody life about follow the pain」十『Catch The Wave〜ride on care』∽『Relight the SIREN of Vibratory Sensation〜peace keeping ”FIRST RABBIT”』
46小六なランナー+ひこうき雲=Cangoalrout of December→「LIONのハードベッター」↔︎「The galaxy of blue brighting on dark canvas is similar the solar system soft in one of them living this universe」∞「Masquerader of spaceship」8「Southan all stars turn me on the clear blue」〒「Mirage art for UNIVERSAL STUDIO」十「Double vermilion city prosper under the pink web on the white base among SNOW」∽『YOU ARE THE ONE〜bro on the her(e) for ”LOVE TRIP”』
47思い出のホットコーヒー+僕苦いの食べた=「天空に誘われたんならいんだ」→「Keep out of reach from children go straight a rubber work glove」↔︎「Lovers against」∞「The present life of kissing sign」8「Melodious screamo at battlecry for STAIR BUST OF CALLED」〒『Act of darkness for Salamander』十『Take me baby at Space Sonic to shake by gasoline about Say yah!』∽『Junk me Raised By Wolves left you too right courage ever get it on』
48出逢いの続き+She’s gone=M.T.に捧ぐ→「Appear on the stage before the footlight of universal members」↔︎「Dear T」∞「Grandmother trawl lullaby」8「What’s done is done mission impossible turn me on」〒「Rainbow LINE from とうめい」十Mystery line〜dream girls for back in gathered with February pray on followers of TM NETWORK about DQN∽『WE ARE THE WORLD〜useful days for AFRICA about ATM』
49ドレミファ音痴+「何度温泉に訪れたことか?」=「雪の宿にて」→「Fill in the tension note commercial」↔︎「From isolation to restration like a U.S.-Japanese relations on track of capture」∞「Cummon Slaver’s sweet liquor」8「Champion company for neck by title together rubdown and joyride with snow sounds of korean」〒『Haven task yell for SPARKLE☆TRAIN』十『Jam packed eat roughneck YOU CAN DO THAT』∽『Biting at every cast in night to left LMAO sweep issue of sinister under the carpet because scoop on tanty oh TV a Tomorrow never knows』
50RIVER+voICEのくちづけ=「Harmonic imaging is non linear effect in the aerospace of human inside」→「You are for one」↔︎「History board the Air Force One」∞「Opening of a new theater day is an original heritage as one become a tomorrow」8『Trouble TOKYO at condition ultramarine』〒『Do As Infinity here we are〜like a universal genesis』十『Army in sky walker for Lovey-Dovey STEP』∽『PAPARAZZI the Acropolis flash in the Gunpowder Valentine』
51兆し+「Early in the New Year Birthday during the sunlight」=「Dawn the night JACK UP is K-pop human spring」→『Doubly favors horseplay caesaren A Bad Debt Follows You』↔︎『We either to Buddy Holly』∞『Wizard Bowwow my Heart’s On Fire』8『Steady live out own lineage Fire Cracker Burned With Desire』〒『A gale sting by calling They Dance Alone』十『Sylphoenix』∽『医事の天体観測〜Waiting time for Juicy』
52ヲキトキ+「Corkscrew to begun to overflow bed room I’ve caressable esthetic of male」=「Blood is resemble wine that my home’s hole in the wall is wine outlet similar the female organs」→「Bubble New York」↔︎「Evening Elephantom〜my voice is cigar or sugar now」∞「The Antinuclear Declaration by Jawsay Todoor」8『Talk you bring me Deep Forest Rescues』〒『Donuts left light on Bouquet to Starry night』十『I’d rather die for take Alternative Plans my crossfaith Photosphere』∽『Japanese pay off Diamond return to Viva la revolution』
53トリリアント演唱+「三位に一体誰がした?」=「Juriana Taoism」→「Be reported Heather Diary」↔︎「Ms.Journal guess burn out changel」∞「Gathering the AICHI」8『KNIGHTS OF ROUND Time To Goat Hide Me From The Sun』〒『Daybreak the Crimson Archerry Around the World』十『Persevere on new horizon〜地上の星』∽『DOUBLE one members eternal BED』
54恋愛のスペード+最高かよ=『Curry of love』→「I’m a pegasus」↔︎「No discord」∞「Saturday night sky」8「To chant got knock on sit hour」〒『Want to curiosity seeking kiss me up stair fall in eve sky」十『GOOD SAVE THE QUEEN BEE Roundabout TO RAIN TOO RAIN』∽『Loveletter floating ash in NESCAFE los angels on SHIPS by Supernova』
55野菜シスターズ+「Money flow is modeled after earth’s rotation because rising sun」=「Washed up my face cleared like a globe surface scrubbed after light on ”clear blue”」→「Be pooped at the end of each day recovering by good sleep as if by magic」↔︎「Rocket heart straight flighted like a cross bird〜spacewalked by hands hold with NASA」∞「Hear the electronic sound like a voice of cicada」8『Bump uterus among cloudy about Tears In Heaven fall birthplace』〒『EXILE for United Nations Twilight Wish ALL FOR YOU』∽『Thousand Time To Gone tonight equality base mate』
56ファースト・ラビット+「Free as a space」=「Work out of my destiny like a globe shining」→「Non flash back a 3.11 like a universe」↔︎「Concentration difference power,thermal energy conversion」∞「Blanch with universal soldiers」8『Roly-Poly in the soft army』〒『Catch the cicada Dear Woman,No Cry to go 8 SMile』十『Walk in Lose Yourself Was Born To Love You』∽『Corpulent float in bathtub it debt gets lim about co-zero of WOW WAR TONIGHT Cue-NEO UNIVERSE a Lotus Flower』
57遠距離ポスター+勇気のハンマー=ぐぐたすの空→「Breakthrough the wall admit cross light into the closet that my teacher saids ”All members born about individual”」↔︎「Posted of a newsletter at that time is daybreak that teacher saids ”Breakthrough the hearts’ wall”」∞「Vertically to horizontally before sad storm」
58祝うぃ証毛明B+「Thermal stress is heart tech or meet tech?」=「Ash hair inflate a loves bug」→「Warmed cloudy after rain and meets sunny」↔︎「Ready go girl meets boy」∞『Carry on the snow is K』
59天国野郎+西瓜BABY=「正治プッシュは神の声を聴いた」→「Rings of marriage in SGI」↔︎「International college of SOKA」∞『Institute for Global and Cosmic Peace』
60イイヒサガァォルガン+「Ready bullet is low register generalbass」=「All manner of abuse into man cock out」→「Man created world is maintenance of public order act」↔︎「Liberal Democrats coordinate the Clean Government Party」∞「Independent a Blue comet」
61ベビー・ローテーション+「蛇口の手品師」=「キリストのうなずき」→「I met girl realized ”spring forth ground Bodhisattva” because she saids ”I know”」↔︎「All members noticed ”exist of love”」∞「Buddy’s trip」
62桜の木になろう+「Catch the eye」=「Yummy pants」→「Daily reborn effort to start from scratch are always rewarded thanksgiving」↔︎「Universal baby sit with ellemoi〜She is dancing pomped up tummy of ”Loving Fortune cookie”」∞「Break History of AKB」
64波乗り夏期氷+「ドライアイスの化学反応」=「北朝鮮に安倍三蔵!」→「Sneeze shower moisten dry eye」↔︎「Lose myself〜a way of ahimsa」∞「Start by nonviolence government」
66Melody to day and days+「Lights of ultrasonic vibration」=Be lost for words become a heart shout→「情熱の林檎」↔︎Memory of my secret crush∞「Souvenir d’night」
71涙サプライズ!+「I knew the fortune」=『真鶴嫁ぐっと』→「Newcomer rock to lab!」↔︎「Contend of Justice is battle reason need to centerline」∞「Attacking the Third Impact」
72君はどうして?+「Trying board raging waves」=「Attunement each other breathing A-UN」→「Feildwork for Love AKB」↔︎「Wonderful Golf」∞「God save the children」
73心の端のソファー+「Empty black Canon ink box on the air conditioner」=「Coexist on centerline to begun to hope for ladder of opposite at the Rainbow」→「Breakthrough the hearts’ wall into Rainbow that my teacher saids ”All members born about individual”」↔︎「Sunflowers wisdam」∞「Eye 4 you」
74水のないプール+「アメリゴ・ベスプッチに言うインディアナポリス」=「AKB祭りのきゅういんりょく」→「Bipolar disorder in somnolent not a torpor of night ducker」↔︎「Be led into simple minds of a siren who force awaken represent universal landschaft」∞「Wake up a new alert,Raise up a burner of high」
77となりのバナナ+「むかいのオサム」=ハンパなヲタク→「ホワイトファングッドアーズシャック」↔︎「夏の大三角形」∞「インヴェガとアメル」8「Born to be amazing knows hot(諸天善神)」
78キスだって左利き+「Left handcuff Right」=「Matter MINAMI Show」→「Shackles policy Moses」↔︎「Loves guilty」∞「Loved manifest」
791!2!3!4!ヨロシク!+「Precious stone bombed after turn me on」=「Debt dance~treatment for social weakness」→「New contend of provide chocolate」↔︎「Head Rock!〜ValentinesDay’s love a kiss for you」∞「DRAGON FISH BLOW〜Like a HKT’s hometown」
80コケティッシュ渋滞中+「グットスリーピング麻婆茄子」=「Called wall baboo SHOUJI」→「Up to boy from NGK’s cafe」↔︎「It’s a Snowland for NGT kingdom」∞「Laboratory of saq☆cafe〜night」8「Mile Champion to civarly of MINAMI at sungrazer back up to clumsy son delivered torpid for the sake of hope」〒「Bare scratch hurt of sole what I suffer to keep a sting for loving humanity」
81恋よりもDream+「Girls’ Festival on March 3 of SKE〜Live on 2016 March 3 in NAGOYA」=「Beginners launch out of there for universal〜imitate stars of spaceship gathering out of the earth for universe」→「Blooming little monster in response to hope glittering by myself leave out there」↔︎「Apostle of Woman’s Revolution with Aiko〜Live on theater wandering from place to place intend to Global Interchange with changing my fate」∞「『徳(解く)』〜I hear magnetic sounds of roar the angel from Evangelion while live on Women’s March that Gods is not a rular they are gazing for us from universe」
82「御馳走」+「Mr.Akimoto’s home made salada」=「All members revolution that I think」→「Have a breakfast sunny side up」↔︎「Easter egg〜baby cleared darkness human inside」∞「Easter bunny〜venus’ persona masquerade rings of corner」
83ESCAPE+「Drainage outlet」=「SKE be management」→「Make a crowd the street lost in town has a guts」↔︎「Rub togather my hands sounds from ”forgive”」∞「Free agent」
85真夏のSounds good!+「Receive the decade of woman’s century with ellemoi」=「Blessing of my sunset」→「Steam is improve the buddy’s circulation」↔︎Baby rotation∞「Grow up with revolution」
86エンドロール+「オウシエシエルホトケ」=スクラップ&ビルド→「Like a Chinese Revolution Plan」↔︎「Way to over the border」∞「Break with myself build〜announce of morning issue」
87涙で沈む太陽+コイントス=『黒い太陽』→「One sided love from route
love〜dream extend next stage in the night sidereal rising stars us」↔︎「Global Interchange before globe clear issue」∞「Steam is improve the Japanese circulation」
88チョコの奴隷+「Her Majesty the Empress of Michiko at the head of coquettish delayed」=「Cheerless SHOUJI declining」→「Precious stone jammed」↔︎「Reverse the current」∞「Our rights leak social window by angel of number」
89ヴァージニティー+「Passionate PK」=「Super save good knight hand」→「Side attack in cross to point」↔︎「Centering〜exsam line 634」∞「Complete safe〜safty drive with vampire amazing toward to KYOTO intend for ONE PIECE」
90青空乳重ひ+『月の紅茶に母乳を』=「Think H,Take tree」→海遊館のキャパシティ↔︎「金星感覚と精神透析」∞「Emotion is barrier free」
91石の上にも三棯表情+「阿頼耶識のローリングストーン」=「Venus’ persona」→「クロスシットアップとリバースプッシュアップ」↔︎「エンシュア・リキッド(ナースコール)I am sure」∞「2017/09/01Fri旭🌄今市商店街🐗吉谷時計店👌🏻👍🏻G-SHOCK🙏🏻修繕」
94夢の金童子+「ベルリンの壁は未だ問題」=「Magnetic the roar of the waves」→「Be a good hand at universal law manage of alien’s skill」↔︎「Made the Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution for foreign country」∞「Lucifer’s Common sense」
97桜、みんなで食べた+「Safty drive with vampire〜intend ”OK of OKINAWA’s Hill”」=「Perfect safe」
98桜の花びらたち+「Next decade comprise stars〜dark canvas in a lights aggregate of shape from several rights for panorama」=「Buddy set〜start&goal has baby of ”SHOOT SIGN”」
99待ち合わせたい+「How about adopt ”sunflower’s wisdom”?」=「Gathering sacred place ”seventh support”」
100Ladle Late River+私たちのReason=「Christmas festive」→「千手観音ボクジングル」↔︎「Cellular phone uses hands on Third Wave」∞「Peace Keeping Occupation」8「しぶいちニコニコ」〒「百舌勝chant Bomb A Headed you wound safeもぅぬぃんGood us👍🏻😘」
104絶滅黒髪少女+「Dinosaur of true love」=「0匹の業種」→Forgettable flowers↔︎「Rose taste」∞「Be positive a lose my head grip become a funny face」
106控えめI love you!
107握手の愛李+KAZU=KNEEHAWOKS!→希望についとをとぅと↔︎「My tweet typing hope for brothers」∞「Life of force〜chanting the title to get husky tweet black&white fair pray for night」
108ロマンスかくれんぼ+僕はないない=「涙の理由」→「Seria」↔︎「No more rules adjust an attachment do you listen?」∞「The present life of kissing sign」
109Reborn+清純タイアド=「Hymn of Easter〜join us hands in prayer uses cellularphone connect」
110僕にできること+L@VE TRIP=始まりあの雪→尼神秘め↔︎「守口ポン菓子ダイヤモンド」∞「夫婦の子シリアルナンバー」
111アイシテラブル+「Sense of pray for night」=「BIG BANG〜concentric circles generate electricity another unit birth」
112Athena+「Seven senses〜As I slept too much feel dizzy because call to ”Yo” at come to my senses」=「Pegasus Fantasy〜an angel with broken fist my dream is tough feather」
115ただいまピカチュウ+「Wave generator of harmonic drive」=「Humans rotation and revolution」→「Sparkle Maxim」↔︎「Global Interchange」∞「One sided love from route love〜dream extend next stage in the night sidereal rising star of you」
116制服が邪魔をする+「Publicize thanksgiving〜Festival of HARUNA KOJIMA on Strong tour」=「History gazing single eyed〜field work of AKB since 2012」→「Power gazing another〜 muscle tone and gravity balance at environment」↔︎「Human Revolution」∞「Getting world〜oneside eye shut down」
117Buddy+「Non lose north」=「South congested」→「HKT blow」↔︎「SKE blow」∞「Wear K」8「BABY ZONE」
118ハワイへ行こう+「Honeymoon」=「Lady connect son」→「Appreciate NICHIREN」↔︎「Laughing chest of drawers」∞「Conversable stars on theater」8「Saturday night revival」
119オーマイブゥツ!+「引く手数多のやぐら」=「スウェット・デコレーション」→「OK of OKINAWA’s Hill〜Mic howling in my head」↔︎『Early Break’s Bang!Bang!Volcano』∞「High Senses〜HARUNA together for me」
120一歩目音頭+「Heart step switch open」=「Heart light」→「Empty heart」↔︎「Hip Hop」∞「Main tap」
121強き者よ+「Universal soldier of AKB〜Youi Yokoyama demanded ”Yo” become a come to our senses」=「夫婦道〜conversable stars on theater from our dream route」
122ロッカールームボーイ+「Waiting room of ”Dream-go” back&start」=「Ambassador of ”Dream-go” is Youi Yokoyama」
124奇跡の遅刻+「そこが、頑張り屋」=「瞳にHalo Puff」→「Fight for glittering myself」↔︎「燃え尽きた先〜革命の丘へ」∞「革命の珈琲」
126After rain
127裸裸裸メッセージ+「Write about nude feel is good」=「Rights a bout of Global Interchange」
131パンチLINE+「Rumble」=「Goodrum」→「A tummy containing ”Aiko”」↔︎「Keep passion to my secret crush」∞「Lovable caressable girl」
144君はレオだ+「Put together myself」=「Commit counter myself to the flames」→「Ardent faith warm up myself generate storm H with bath」↔︎「I felt sucked into Earth Hall」∞「Blooming little monster」
145ジャングルジム+「Peak climb〜my head celling ache」=「Binary Coded Decimal in Acer’s rabbit cell」
148不毛の土地を満開に…+「Universal morning issue not a gives off」=「Warm Earth Hall」→「Birth pangs」↔︎「Battle of Human Revolution〜contend myself battle of against war」∞「Silly about generate war〜they have no interest about war」8「Rise 2 gather」
152大人列車+「Thanksgiving in the future」=「Rock to taste budding Earth Hall」
153ここにだって天使はいる+「Stuffed up venous ache my left instep」=「Force can’t revolution」→「Good connection for our rights can revolution」↔︎「Matured woman’s Earth Hall」∞「RESET〜conversable stars on theater posted loveletter dear angel of number」
154楽園の階段+「アダムとイヴの事情」=「Right heart」→「Sky heart」↔︎「Rock ‘n’ Roll」∞「Stop tap」
155嵐の夜には+「Ward off Third Impact」=「Innocent」→「Not feeling well」↔︎「Get a high sensitivity become a feel is good〜excite the senses take a ”HIGH TENSION”」∞「Gods in affordable」
156いつのまにか、弱い者いじり+「Oh casey pants mantle Andrew Warhola」=『Yielding is sometimes the best way of succeeding for BATTLECRY』
157恋のお縄+「なは⤴︎とび⤵︎」=『A tummy mende headache patient mosaic city Fantasista to 9 world peace』→「Rights of free」↔︎「Leave in HKT for Fair」∞「What is your wish?〜my dream is revival」
162背中から抱きしめて+「Southern peace」=「Force support」→「Words of thanksgiving for tour of Nanjing」↔︎「Spew venom about another world」∞「Unit of the earth」
164バラの儀式+未来の果実=「Pick up a cast away」→「ゴロ合わせのキャッチボール」↔︎「Loves bugged from gods of gray」∞「戦争放棄という命の選択」
166愛の意味を考えてみた+「ロック・トゥ・ストーブ」=「Bless of rose hospitality」→「Password is Millennium of Girls’ Festival on March 3」↔︎「Dedicate to the memory for one peace」∞「Pray for night」
171「悲しみの冷蔵庫」+「ナチュラルヤクルトのマシニスト」=「TVのリハ中⤴︎」→「Anti icebox undo」↔︎「Passionate chanting」∞「Echo in Earth Hall」
179きみが星になるまで+「Nutrient Picasso」=「Counter Guernica」
180愛しさのdefence+「Alleviate my left instep ache what I reinstall ”LINE”」=「Live from the neck up〜head banging on beat ”High Tension”」→「Nail〜gather in cupset」↔︎「Critical hit of AKB〜spend on break time by KOJIMA」∞「Made in couple〜by February 22 2017」
184命の使い道+光と影の日々=「Bible of Nichiren standing」→「Earth’s rotation become a Sunny’s rotation」↔︎「Battle of church quire」∞「Hallelujah Baby」
186恋NO PLAN+遠泳の彼氏=宇宙のマンゴー
191青空のそばにいて+夕陽マリー=「Rock to heart after shock to lay down」→「Rehabilitation with AKB」↔︎「Strong tour」∞「Wall of Human Revolution〜Do you listen?」
193毒リンゴを食べさせて+「Full contact of lily bulb」=「Recovered light on wide scope」→「Gone to lose for Miyuki has given guts」↔︎「Woman’s century contain the pistol for Global Police」∞「Set the cap for stand by〜”sunflower’s wisdom”to bow my head like a pray the knight」8『Late The Miracle see you again』〒『Lose My Breath for Stephens Goggle』十『Give me chocolates Rave-up Tonight FEED THE FIRE』∽『Honey Bears of Frame Snatch It Back and Hold It』
195あなたとクリスマスイブ+「Wake up Girls’ Generation」=「Best HER」→「Tenth child〜calling slide Woman’s century」↔︎「Doctor NOKYO〜get sweaty at maturing empty fluid in theater 」∞「History of insanity breakout」8「Blood null al cosaques club」〒「Lady the sky by monster」十『Postcentrails baby drag on ASH』∽『Be need a fuck off dive together embers Yin&Yang』
196仲間の歌+「All life is cleared darkness into rights glittering barrier free」=「Beating locker rings of roar of the waves」→「U&I don’t shining glow together look up to night sky by the window」↔︎「WILD SWING〜HOMERUN or K」∞『Angel of number wallop en K』
198命のへそ+「Shackles dream」=「Nursing dragon」→「Dear KY〜loveletter from north snowland of single eyed」↔︎「Social learning~learn to NGT」∞「Circle K thanks owner called me ”Rockey”」
200  「水筒のような水筒でない近くにあるもの」
2「黄さんの手造りキムチで創るチャーハン」+「やきぅおにぎりバター」=「脳に巣食う逃げられない鬼のバント」→「高度に覚醒した自分とある意味で無機的な肉体とのギャップを埋める」↔︎夢のlead buddy〒「Numbness woman cord」
206誰かが投げたボール+「ハートの新陳代謝」=「心、汗をかく」→「お菓子隊~hotcake twitter」↔︎「クモの意図〜cloud by sidereal in KOUJISHIHARU thanksgivingday」∞「AKBの社会的意義の私的考察から汎用性のある哲学の構築へとシフトした運命論を地球的枠組みで捉える宿命論者の私的闘争とそれに賛同するAKBという社交場に集う有志たちの世界の片隅で起こる小さなしかし決定的な社会変革のうねり」
207今夜はJoint earth!+「Put together in gear〜my left knee ache try to care」=Veggearyounum〜I meets damned foreign country girl recoverd with wear the shoes foot scratch a sound ”Q” 」→「サケのキューピッド(矛と盾と弘)〜like a YOUKA TANO’s dream and japanese answer to PKO」↔︎「0匹の業種〜experienced of have a seroquel」∞「Dokkaebi〜new rehabilitation for TV of ORION」
208buena B stars
209「una ni siente」
217Gonna Jump+さよならサーフボード=君だけにウェディングドレスを
222クロス+シュートサイン=「Heaven’s voice dubbing enter stain loves bug in Restrait Interchange」
225BABY!BABY!BABY!+虫パンダ=「Twin tear」
226  「T-ポット」

BIG YELLのなかよしこよし

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Hello!Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2014 ~ GOOD BYE & HELLO ! ~
ライブビューイング 2014.12.31~2015.1.1
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『アンジュルム スターティング・ライブツアー 2015スプリング』
4月11日 広島
5月4日 北海道(札幌)
5月5日 北海道(小樽)

BIG YELL 関連ツイート

RT @yuzu_official: ゆず 2018年4月4日(水)発売
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RT @yuzu_official: 4月4日(水)に発売される2年3ヶ月ぶりのゆずNEW ALBUM『BIG YELL』
購入特典の全貌が発表!詳細は特設サイトをチェック! https://t.co/DLD1…
RT @yuzu_official: ゆず 2018年4月4日(水)発売
01.てっぺん 02.連呼 03.する〜 04.地下街 05.ろくでなし
06.岡村ムラムラブギウギ 07.空模様 08.夏色…




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[広告] 楽天市場 アートとしてのノバルティス  スイス・ノバルティス社は、世界初の免疫療法CAR-T細胞療法であるキムリア(開発番号=CTL019)について、成人の再発・難治性びまん性大細胞型B細胞 …